Monday, 24 November 2014

Film review - 'DUMB & DUMBER TO'

To many people, ‘Dumb & Dumber’ is a comedy classic, and rightfully so. Sure, it’s vulgar, crude and features two of the most annoying characters ever committed to celluloid, but boy is it funny. The ill advised prequel ‘Dumb & Dumberer’ did it’s best to soil the memory of the original, but now the Farrelly brothers have returned to give fans a proper sequel, but is it just a dumb move on their part?

Aside from the Farrellys, the big draw here is the return of original stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, both of whom look pretty much the same as they did twenty years ago. As Lloyd and Harry, they have breathed life into two characters that most people would want to murder after five minutes in their childish, moronic company. As with the original, the viewer gets a voyeuristic glee in watching them say and do terrible things that are funny mainly because of their naivety. Seriously, if these guys weren’t certified morons they’d be certified calculating psychopaths.

The road trip plot centres around the search for Harry’s long lost daughter he never knew he had, who Lloyd wants to bang. There’s a few complications along the way, but that’s sort of it. Naturally, it’s an excuse to put them into situations where they can behave like assholes and generally wind up everyone they meet, particularly at a science conference at the end. Oh, and we get to find out what Lloyd considers the second most annoying noise in the world, so that’s nice.

So is it funny? I have to say that’s a firm ‘yes’, because I certainly giggled plenty of times, especially at one of the funniest fart gags I’ve seen and a bizarre, gross encounter with a frisky old lady. The main characters are as preposterously dim as ever, and once you enter into their reality (in ours they would be dead by now, beaten by an angry mob) you can sit back and just enjoy the daft ride. 

‘Dumb & Dumber To’ is a fun way to waste and hour and a half or so, and although it doesn’t reach the comedic heights of the original it certainly has a good go. Carrey and Daniels are both excellent, Carrey especially, and I can’t do anything else but recommend this to fans of the first one. 

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