Friday, 12 December 2014

BIG HERO 6 - Film review

Well, if you thought ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ was an obscure comic to turn into a film, it’s got nothing on ‘Big Hero 6’, taken from a 1998 Marvel comic featuring Sunfire, Silver Samuraui and some other people. If you have actually read it and were hoping for a tight adaptation I’d walk away now, as ‘Big Hero 6’ has been kicked around and abused so much fans should bring a rape kit to the cinema.

Whilst the established marvel characters from the comic have been jettisoned, they’ve kept 13 year old genius (think Tony Stark in short trousers) Hiro, and marshmallow like robot (changed from a monster) Baymax (I kept hearing Betamax for some reason). Other original characters Honey Lemon, Wasabi and, um, Fred are intact as well, but with different origins. Basically, the comic has been Disneyfied, and to be honest is probably better for it.

Set in a mash up of San Franciso and Tokyo (San Fransokyo, natch), this east meets West film tries very hard to mix anime with Disney, and doesn’t succeed that well, with oriental characters not looking at all oriental to be honest. The animation is, of course, first class, with the city itself looking gorgeous. The plot centres round loss and revenge, basically, with one massive hole in it that should make everyone question the villain’s methods. 

The star of the film is Baymax, a white, sort of cuddly medical robot who tries to fix Hiro’s broken spirit after a personal tragedy. Baymax is very endearing and has his own personal development alongside Hiro as the two become close. The other characters are pretty one dimensional and after the main Big hero 2, the other 4 fail to make the viewer care that much for them, being neither likable nor unlikable, just sort of there.  

‘Big Hero 6’ is remarkably contrived and very unoriginal, yet remains entertaining for all it’s faults. It’s never going to be regarded as a classic but will keep kids amused for 90 minutes with it’s fun characters and in your face action sequences. Just don’t expect too many of them to be clamouring for a baymax toy afterwards, as any excitement will probably disappear in a few hours.

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