Saturday, 18 January 2014


Yet another band who have made their album due to the generosity of fans, Bristol band Blackwolf are riding the crest of a wave whilst creating more, showing massive potential and needing that little bit of luck to help them move onto bigger and better things.

It’s early days yet, mind. “The Hunt” is their debut album, and will be backed up by a rather sweet tour with The Answer. It’s rather sweet because that band must have been at the top of their list when looking for road buddies. Simply put, if you are a fan of The Answer (or even The Temperance Movement) there’s every indication that Blackwolf will be right up your street, as the musical directions of both are certainly pointing down neighbouring roads. 

Blackwolf, whilst being a rather heavy live band, have a real Southern twang to them, with a deep blues groove serving as the base of their sound. There’s plenty of Black Crowes type influence on show, but with that much more gusto and a bigger pair of balls. Vocalist Scott Sharp has a superb, powerful voice that simply soars above the music, completely belying his West Country roots by sounding like he was raised in a swamp and has been fighting to get out all his life.

When done right, this sort of music is incredibly energizing, throwing in passion, soul and pure rock all at the same time. As you can see from the rating, Blackwolf do it totally right. From broody, powerful opener “Mr Maker” through to the upbeat closer “Sea Of Merry” they don’t put a foot wrong. Even when they slow down, for “Sleepwalking” near the end, it’s a soulful three minutes that bounces into guitar driven life for the final sixty seconds and features some trouser tightening notes from Mr Sharp.

I just love it when a new band comes out of the traps hungry for blood, and Blackwolf have made just about the best start possible, with everything they’ve achieved so far attributable purely to their own talent and determination. Where they go next is anyone’s guess, but I’d bet on onwards and upwards as two likely destinations. Get the album and see them now so you can say you did, later.

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