Wednesday, 29 August 2018


Following the interesting yet confusing 'The Vigilant' publisher Rebellion delves into another of their intellectual properties, this time from the worldof video games, where Sniper Elite is into it's fourth game as I write. Personally, I haven't played any, but bad games don't tend to get four incarnations so it must be pretty good, I suppose.

The fomat, like The Vigilant, is in the U.S comic style, though with fewer pages and a lower price tag of £2.99. Oddly, there is no price anywhere on the cover, and I hope whoever is responsible got a swift kick up the arse. The script, by 2000AD griup editor Keith Richardson does it's job pretty solidly, intrpducing us to Karl Fairburne, who is parachuted into France to help fight those dastardly Jerry's what? In the course of this, the first issue of three, he meets up with the resistance, encounters the enemy and still has time to give us some personal history in a flashback. It's good stuff, and ably brought to life by artist Patrick Goddard. It's not a children's comic, and no punches are pulled, with Rebellion doing their best to make the U.S comic section in WH Smiths a veritable minefield for parents of young children. Mind you, kids these days will probably love a german taking a piss and getting his thriat cut - I know I'd have enjoyed in the the Seventies.

A good read throughout, I'm looking forward to the nest two issues. Fans of Garth Ennis' War Stories and the like should certainly pick this up. Don't let the fact it's a video game tie in put you off, Sniper Elite pulls no punches.

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