Friday, 10 May 2013

GERRY LAFFY - "Just A LIttle Blurred" (Die Laughing Records) CD Review

Gerry Laffy has been about for a few decades now, but is no doubt best remembered as the co founder, guitarist and driving force behind Girl in the late 70s and early 80s. They are one of those bands that still have a small but loyal following, and it’s mainly for these loyalists that Laffy has self recorded and released this album of new songs, playing everything and recording it all by himself. Okay, so that’s not 100% true (get used to it) but I will explain later.

Those expecting a flurry of retro glam rock will not be appeased by ‘Just A Little Blurred’, as this is the work of a man who has been around doing other stuff for thirty years, and the last thing he needs is to try and recapture a cool yet out of date sound. What you get is ten fresh tracks that don’t conform to any pattern except the one that was in Laffy’s head when he was writing them. As a small bonus, there’s even a re-recording of Girl’s debut single ‘My Number’, (see! I told you I would explain) done for a bit of fun with longtime superfan Craig Bundy on bass. It’s slowed down from the original, but still a great song, and what’s the point doing a straight cover of one of your own songs? That aside, this is a very eclectic compilation of fresh material which contains, it has to be said, something for just about everyone except those who like thrashy shite with shouty vocals, and to be honest fuck the lot of ‘em is what I say.

There’s nothing too energetic on show, as the tracks are mostly mid range, although there’s certainly plenty of guitar widdling and some nice, chunky riffs. Opener ‘I’m Free’  is a very catchy piece, and there’s a very nice instrumental called ‘NHS’, whilst ‘Waiting‘ has a classic blues riff underpinning a catchy song. When Laffy slows things down I am reminded of Francis Dunnery‘s solo output, especially on the laid back and quite beautiful ‘Sunshine’ and the dreamlike ‘Love’. At the end of the album is a nice guitar led track called ‘Too High’ (and not in an altitude sense) that was recorded after the covers were printed, and it’s another one that shows that Laffy hasn’t lost any of his soul or guitar playing nous. It’s all quite refreshing in a way that a man trying to recapture his youth wouldn’t have been.

‘Just A Little Blurred’ is a very nice album, covering a variety of moods. It’s never less than entertaining and well worth a listen. If that’s not enough for you, it’s only a fiver from Laffy’s own Facebook page, and for that he will throw in a previously unreleased (and very, very good) live Girl album, recorded at The Greyhound in Fulham back in 1982. It’s a total bootleg and as such captures the intimacy and friendliness of the gig, down to some fine onstage banter and a definite crowd noise that a mixing desk recording rarely captures. Bargain of the century? Quite possibly, so go and buy it.

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